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Team Manager - Southern Football League

Southern Football League
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The team manager ensures the smooth running of the team off field, in an administrative and supporting role.

Duties: • Ensure that the correct equipment is supplied on game day and it is up to expected standards. • Responsible for the correct registration of all the players in the team. • Complete the jumper number list for the team, when this is completed give it to the secretary. Also guaranteeing that the jumpers are up to an acceptable standard for play according to club rules. • Organising a roster of assistance for roles that need to be completed on game day. • Correctly complete a team sheet making sure that all players/trainers/runners and water person’s full names are entered correctly. • Keep a faultless tally of the goals that are kicked during a match, then enter this into the matches running sheet. This is then given to the opposition at an away meet or collected at a home meet. • Organise the distribution and collection on game day of the team’s best and fairest cards.

Skills: • This position requires strong time management and organisational skills. • An understanding of computers and the different programs that are needed for the completion of tasks. • Excellent communication skills both verbally and written.