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Time Keeper - Southern Football League

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The time keeper is responsible for the accurate timing of the start, ending and quarter times, with a timekeeper from the opposition.

Duties: • Ensure that equipment is working efficiently and in the case of a siren break down, they must have a bell that would be able to effectively do the job. • Accurately time each quarter of the match according to officical match times • Ensure accurate score cards are needed to be kept by time keepers with them both being signed and handed to the team manager after the match has been finalised. • Record the time that any player has been ‘sent off’ during the match.

Skills: • A time keeper must have good attention to detail. • Have the ability to accurately record all information that is needed throughout the match. • Understand the differences of timing for each of the different grades. • Good communication skills to be able to confer with the other time keeper.

Experience: To time A-Grade previous experience as a time keeper if preferable. This is due to the inclusion of ‘time on’ in this grade.