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Friendship Mentor (Kids Friend)

Barnardos Canberra Australia

Barnardos Australia Mentoring Programs cater to boys and girls aged between 6 and 16 from vulnerable families who require additional support with regard to educational and/or social and emotional needs. Friendship Mentors (Kids Friends) spend time, one-on-one with their matched child or young person for 2-3 hours a week to support their social and emotional well-being, aiming to build self-esteem and resilience.

Kids Friend mentors spend 2-3 hours a week with a vulnerable child aged from 6-16, for friendship and fun. You become a special person outside the family who supports the child's social and emotional needs with an aim to increase the child's confidence, personal skills and resilience. You can take the child to visit places, usually on the weekend, within the community or your own home to bake, play video games, or just hang out. If you are over 20 and want to make a difference in a child's life please apply now!