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Horse Leading and Sidewalking

Riding for the Disabled - Oakford
Logo for Riding for the Disabled - Oakford

Volunteers come in early before the riders arrive and set up for the morning. The horses get a good groom and tacked up for the day. The arena is set up with the activities and games relating to the theme of the week. Volunteers in the arena during a lesson will be either leading or sidewalking. Volunteers out of the arena during a lesson will be helping with poo pick, cleaning water troughs, tidying up the stables and hayshed, making feeds, cleaning tack, washing - all the usual stablehand 'chores'. Sweeping, mopping and dishes in the admin also needs attention. We supply morning tea and all relevant training. The coaches will guide all new volunteers through the morning. It is a fun and fulfilling morning. Definitely worth a come and try.

Our Volunteers make it possible to run the riding program which brings much joy and happiness to our riders. It offers them a chance to participate in a recreational activity that provides therapeutic benefits as well. It is pretty cool to be involved as the riders master new skills and work towards milestone achievements.