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Volunteer Administrators Wanted

Scientology Sydney
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Due to the large variety of different activities run by Scientology Sydney on a daily basis, we are constantly looking for volunteers to help on administrative tasks such as data entry, research projects, data collection filing, organizing new groups etc.

The type of work is constantly changing so the ideal candidate is someone who is willing to be flexible and learn to do different tasks & expand their skills.

Our main areas of operation are in our community-betterment programs (helping with social issues such as human rights, drug education and illiteracy) and our life-improvement services. Applicants for this position can choose which programs are of interest to them and we will do our best to find a role within their sphere of interest.

There is training available to applicants which is highly recommended but not compulsory. We are mainly just looking for people who are willing, able people wanting to volunteer!

We do not discriminate on age, creed, race, sex. All applicants will be interviewed.

Apply today!