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Business Mentor - Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Chamber Alliance
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Are you a retired or semi-retired former business owner or manager? Do you have:- • Extensive business experience preferably across multiple functional disciplines • Great listening skills • Deep knowledge of what it takes to run a successful business If so, you may make a great business mentor in the BMP! About this opportunity: The Business Mentoring Program (BMP) is a program run by volunteers to benefit members of Sunshine Coast Chambers of Commerce and other small businesses on the Sunshine Coast. The BMP helps small businesses reach their full potential, at a nominal cost, by providing passionate and experienced business mentors to help identify and define mentee goals, then working with the mentees to find solutions. A great business mentor is on the business owner’s side, helping them to develop a clear plan to move their business forward. After being paired, mentors and mentees will identify needs, brainstorm solutions and have meaningful conversations about operating and growing the business. As a mentor you will:- • Develop a confidential, trusting and equal relationship with your Mentee • Enhance your Mentee’s strategic business initiatives by getting to grips with the right strategy for their business • Improve productivity by planning how to grow your Mentee’s business, and doing the right things, in the right order • Elevating knowledge transfer from just providing information to the transmission of practical experience and wisdom by assisting the Mentee to formulate ideas and options for moving the business forward, and being clear about priorities • Enhance quality critical feedback in key areas, such as communications, interpersonal relationships, technical abilities, change management and leadership skills • Provide your Mentee with a sharper focus on what is needed for your Mentee to grow professionally instilling a feeling of greater confidence • Assisting your Mentee to develop specific skills and knowledge that are relevant to their personal goals

After induction, mentors are carefully matched with mentees and further training happens on the job. There is also a regular knowledge sharing meeting for you to catch up with your fellow mentors.