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Business Mentor - Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Chamber Alliance

The Business Mentoring Program operates to a simple set of values: Passion: for the role of small business in our economy, and for seeing clients win Integrity: an open, honest and confidential approach in our interactions Care: having our mentees' best interests at heart at all times.

Our Mentors have the following attributes:

  • Possess a philosophy of mentoring, not consulting or coaching;
  • Be inquiring - ask questions to help mentees become aware of what they can do to improve their business, and to consider alternatives without telling them what to do;
  • Be empathetic to develop a trusting relationship with the mentee;
  • Be encouraging to help improve mentee's confidence;
  • Offer suggestions to take an objective look at their business.

A great Business Mentor is on the Business Owners side, helping the Business Owners to develop a clear plan to move their business forward. Business Owners need someone with successful business experience, great listening skills, and deep knowledge of what it takes to grow a successful Business.

Business mentoring offers many benefits. By becoming and participating in a mentoring relationship, you will be able to realise the following:

  • Develop a confidential, trusting and equal relationship with your Mentee;
  • Enhance your Mentee’s strategic business initiatives by getting to grips with the right strategy for their business;
  • Improve the productivity by planning how to grow your Mentee’s business, and doing the right things, in the right order;
  • Elevating knowledge transfer from just providing information to the transmission of practical experience and wisdom by assisting the Mentee to formulate ideas and options for moving the business forward, and being clear about priorities;
  • Enhance quality critical feedback in key areas, such as communications, interpersonal relationships, technical abilities, change management and leadership skills;
  • Provide your Mentee with a sharper focus on what is needed for your Mentee to grow professionally instilling a feeling of greater confidence;
  • Assisting your Mentee to develop specific skills and knowledge that are relevant to their personal goals;
  • Provide access to a friendly ear with which to share Ideas, options, successes as well as failure frustrations to guide them to where they want to be faster;
  • It will enhance your people skills in areas such as leadership, interpersonal skills and communication;
  • Increase your professional networks;
  • Increase your profile and the profile of our organisation;
  • Increased your confidence;
  • Realise and develop your potential;
  • Increase your self-awareness;
  • A chance to explore the things you like to do and are good at;
  • Enhances your understanding and knowledge on the way organisations work;
  • Ignites Strategies to overcome setbacks and obstacles;
  • Help Mentees to identify and set small achievable steps towards achieving their goals;
  • Provides you with a two-way exchange of ideas, options and knowledge provides different perspectives and facilitates a sharing of knowledge and ideas;
  • Learning also happens for both parties involved.

All Mentor Training is “On-The-Job” as each Mentee’s requirements vary. As each Mentee Expression of Interest is received 2 Mentors are carefully matched to that Mentee for a period of 12 months. Monthly Mentor Group Meetings provide a forum to discuss any issues that arise during Mentoring.