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Board Member - Marrickville - # 147181

Palestine Fair Trade Australia

Palestine Fair Trade Australia was established in 2015. We are a not-for-profit charity. All profits are reinvested to buy more products which support families to make a decent living. We import fair trade and organic foods, soaps and artisan products from the West Bank and Gaza (Palestine). We sell these products wholesale, in retail shops, online and at markets.

The Board meets monthly and makes the key decisions relating to the organisation. Applicants for this position should demonstrate a basic understanding of the situation for Palestinians and the necessity to assist them in whatever ways possible.

All our members are volunteers as are the two people who carry out the daily work of the organisation. Roles of board members vary and depend on their time available and skill sets. They could include:

  • Booking markets and other administrative tasks associated
  • Organising and/or working at weekend markets where we sell our products
  • Contributing to maintaining our digital footprint, on facebook, instagram, website (including online shop)
  • Writing materials to promote our work
  • Assisting with packaging our dried bulk goods
  • Occasionally working at the Fair Trade Emporium in Marrickville - this is our base where we sell our products
  • Assisting with organising occasional events related to our work
  • Financial, bookkeeping and/or governance skills would be appreciated

Our business is growing and so is the necessity to increase the size and capabilities of our Board to assist with meeting increased demand.


  • Be part of a human rights community of like-minded people committed to creating change in Palestine.
  • Learn about the importance of fair trade, food and sustainable agriculture and traditional craft-making to the lives of Palestinian farmers and other producers specifically, and the maintenance of Palestinian cultural life in general
  • Enhance your knowledge of an unresolved issue of significant global importance (Israel/Palestine conflict)