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Volunteer Mentor

TAC L2P Program Banyule

Volunteer Mentors will be required to spend one - two hours per week (post TAC L2P Learner Driver Mentor Program recruitment process) with a learner driver. The mentoring session times will need to be negotiated between the Volunteer Mentor, the Learner Driver and the TAC L2P Coordinator.

Volunteer Mentors and Learner Drivers will be matched based on life experience, compatibility and availability. Volunteer Mentors and Learner Drivers will follow the program structure, adhere to all program policy and procedures and work toward goals as set by, and in conjunction with, the TAC L2P Coordinator. Where any problems or issues arise the Volunteer Mentor and the Learner Drivers are expected to communicate with the TAC L2P Coordinator to seek support and solve these issues.

Key Responsibilities and duties will include:

  1. Follow the strategies and recommendations as outlined in the VicRoads; Guide for Supervising Drivers Learner Kit.
  2. Support the Learner Driver to practice safe driving on the roads using clear and concise communication manners and ensure that the Learner Driver adheres to all the Vehicle Operating Policies and Procedures as outlined in the TAC L2P Learner Driver mentor Program Policy and Procedure Manual.
  3. At the end of each session provide the Learner Driver with a debrief and discuss the session undertaken.
  4. Plan the next Mentoring session.
  5. Together with the Learner Driver, enter the correct and appropriate information in the Learner’s Logbook (refer to Logbook guidelines).
  6. Fill the TAC L2P vehicle fuel tank when the approximate reading is at a ¼ capacity. (Refueling is only permitted by the Volunteer Mentors and BNLLEN paid staff. A Vehicle Kilometer Logbook separate to the Learner Drivers Logbook will reside in the car. Refueling will need to be recorded along with the kilometers travelled at the end of each of mentoring session).
  7. Ensure that the car is left tidy at the end of each session and that the TAC L2P Coordinator is informed of any car maintenance issues.
  8. Maintain regular communication with the TAC L2P Program Coordinator about TAC L2P session activities.
  9. Participate in Program Evaluation.
  10. Adhere to TAC L2P Program Policy and Procedures including: The Code of Conduct, Match Agreement and any others as required.