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Camp Magic Talk Time Leader

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As a Talk Time Facilitator at our Camp Magic program you are required to lead a group of children and volunteer mentors in a formal setting to achieve the set and required outcomes of each program. You will assist with any extra needs that may arise by group attendees and provide a suitable report at the conclusion of the camp weekend.

RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES: • Collaborate with your designated group co-facilitators to prepare a pre-camp plan. Adopt your own ideas and incorporate them into the program where appropriate. • Act as a first level support person for any camper and mentor assigned to your group over the weekend. Assist that person through their emotions or redirect for higher level assistance if required. • Provide your availability and focus to your group at all times during camp. • Provide a safe space for your group through the Talk Time Sessions to allow attendees the ability of opening up to their grief and feeling heard and validated. • Record and self-assess all activities at the conclusion of each session. • Provide feedback of any harmful or at risk behaviour/discussions of any attendees in your immediate group to the State Program Co-ordinator. • Attend all Talk Time meetings, volunteer debrief sessions and meals over the weekend. • Abide by the volunteer confidentiality agreement at camp and after. You will be provided with personal and sensitive information and it is expected it will be treated with the utmost care and respect.