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Accompanied Activities-Non Emergency Medical Transport (Horsham & Ballarat)

Centre for Participation
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The volunteer driver in this role is a key member of our Social Support team. You will be fit and healthy and will transport clients to a medical appointments of a non-emergency nature.

This is a vital community transport volunteering role. It requires that volunteers are:

Excellent communicators; Conscientious and punctual; Friendly, caring; Easy-going, flexible; Excellent and safety conscious drivers (You'll be using one of our late-model fleet vehicles in this role); Are an integral member of a team delivering critical Social Support programs and services to eligible vulnerable communities and people across the Wimmera.

COVID-19 safe procedures will be observed until further notice.

The impact you can make in this position is to:

Deliver a vital community service through transportation; Improve the health & wellbeing of vulnerable Wimmera Residents; Help eligible Wimmera Residents access health specialist appointments outside of Horsham and the Wimmera; Provide eligible Wimmera Residents with social and emotional support.

You will gain in this position through:

Using your time in a constructive and socially valuable way; Knowing your good driving record is warmly appreciated and well-received; Making new friends and social networks; Creatively solving problems and encouraging innovation; Driving great cars (& you'll be able to let us know when it's not so great, too!) Delivering a great program that significantly improves people's lives.

Volunteers registered with Centre for Participation are well-supported by our Social Support team. will be covered by our Volunteer Accident Insurance Policy and the Transport Accident Commission.