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Re-Engaging in Community Buddy

United Way WA
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Re-Engaging in Community is United Way WA initiative aimed at supporting some of the most vulnerable members of our community. This program will provide emotional and practical support to people that have been homeless, are now housed but are not confident to engage in their local community on their own. Without the ties that come from being actively involved in community these people are at risk of emotional isolation and all the mental health concerns that come with that. You will be paired with an individual that could benefit from the skills and interests you have.

This program aims to: • develop feelings of belonging • build confidence • build connection through physical distancing • make plans for the future, discuss things they would like to try in the future • talk about past interests

The program will be run in 2 stages:

Stage 1: During COVID-19 isolation restrictions. This will all be done virtually, by phone, email or video call. This stage will focus on getting to know your buddy; helping them work through what sort of interests they would like to pursue, discussing things that might hold them back and planning for when the isolation restrictions are lifted.

Stage 2: After the restrictions are lifted. This will be face-to-face contact. Time to enact the plan you and your buddy have made in stage 1. This could be as simple as helping them catch a bus for the first time or attending a local art group together.