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Assist Socially Isolated people by becoming a Community Connector

Community House Association of the Outer East Suburbs

The key role of community connector volunteers in this project is to assist with enabling socially isolated people (primarily 65+) who have been referred from a range of services, including health practitioners, to determine what community activities they would like to participate in and overcome any barriers to participation.

Tasks required to achieve successful engagement may include:

-Meeting with the participant either in person (at a suitable location) or over the phone to determine their needs and identify their barriers to engagement -Communicating with the identified club, group or organization to arrange for the participant to access the desired program -Passing the access information on to the participant -Arranging for initial attendance at the desired activity (if this requires transport assistance then referring this to the appropriate community agency) otherwise the participant may need the community connector to meet them at the entrance or carpark of the location to make initial contact with them to overcome any anxiety or uncertainty.

Follow-up on the success of the engagement to determine if the activity was suitable or whether an alternative needs to be investigated. To pass on any concerns or issues to the appropriate person in the organization if they are small issues that can easily be addressed.

The Community Connector will keep simple records of their activities that meet the participants need for privacy so as to evaluate the success of each placement.