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Car Park Cashier and Attendant

Eumundi Combined Community Organisation Ltd.
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The Car Park opens at 6am and closes at 1pm and there are three gates which have staggered opening and closing times.

There are two positions – Gate Cashier. This role requires the volunteer to meet and greet customers as they arrive, and process tap n go payments to the car park. The system is relatively simple but requires volunteers to be attentive and at times trouble shoot if the internet is spotty. All training is provided onsite and high viz vests, hats, two way radios and safety equipment such as gloves, masks, hand sanitiser, etc. is provided. Cash is not handled in any way. Systems have been put in place since re-opening to minimise any contact with visitors hence the tap n go systems paying by debit or credit cards.

The second position is that of a Field Parking Assistant directing cars to their spots as the car park has a specified parking plan to maximise parking numbers. Again, all training is provided onsite as well as high viz hats, vests and two way radios. This role again assists customers with directions to the markets, toilets, ATM facilities and any other assistance that may be required.