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The Volunteer Family Connect program with Save The Children is currently running as in-home visiting and remote support online to assist parents in increasing confidence in parenting and families' connectedness to local community networks.

Opportunities are currently available in Burwood, Ashfield or Canterbury areas.

Working together with Community and professional services and with support from the program coordinator, a community parent volunteer:

- Connects with families through 2 hour home visits over a minimum of 6 months - Help parents in-home\, in a community space or remotely - Accompany parents to appointments or errands - Offer support (non-directive\, affirming and listening)\, and\, when requested\, information to reinforce appropriate parenting skills -Identify additional needs and/or concerns with coordinator for referral to other appropriate services - Take every opportunity to inform the parent(s) about the range of services that are available to them - Adhere to philosophy and principles of Save the Children - Visits may shift to online/phone support during Covid when required