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Volunteer - Telethon Community Cinemas

Telethon Communtiy Cinemas (MVRC)

As a volunteer, your duties might vary on each shift, with roles including: • Box Office ticket sales • Candy Bar sales and food preparation including our liquor/drinks/confectionery lines • Welcoming patrons and checking tickets at the door • Distributing bean bags, raffle tickets sales and more On each shift, we ask that you arrive between 5.45pm and 6.00pm and leave once you have approval from your night manager after the end of the screening. At the end of each shift, you’ll receive a free pass to come back and see one of our movies. We encourage our volunteers to donate one night per fortnight during the season, which is around 10 nights over 5 months.

Apart from “Doing Good” by working at the movies and having fun while you’re volunteering. The jobs you perform are very handy on a resume.

We require coffee baristas, and this is a good way to get some hours of training up for a paid job.

We also need people to serve alcohol in our licensed bar. This type of role is very interchangeable for paid work. People in the hospitality industry are always looking for experienced people, and we are ideal for gaining experience.

There are also management roles, customer service experience and even technical positions available. Please don’t hesitate to enquire about these positions.

You also get to watch movies!