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Grounds / Facilities Officer

Redlynch State College

Roles include -

  • Assist with a range of duties that include clearing and hosing of drains and gutters
  • Collection of waste food and paper on school grounds as agreed by relevant staff and / or nominated delegate
  • Undertake immediate action cleaning duties (outside the normal operating hours of the school's cleaning staff)
  • Coordinate the removal and /or disposal of rubbish as required (does not include emptying of bins in agreed eating areas)
  • assist with requirements for significant events such as fetes, plays and major sporting events
  • Assist with maintenance of the school ovals through regular mowing, watering, and sail maintenance, (refer to WHS guidelines & procedures); lawn & garden maintenance, including regular weeding and the use of appropriate insecticides and fertilizers where necessary (refer to WHS guidelines & procedures); plant, water & care for trees, shrubs, gardens, and undertake general maintenance of grounds care equipment such as mowers, brush cutters, tractors, (as per manufacturers service manuals) and arrange regular services.