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Logo for Australian College of Law and Justice

The Australian College of Law and Justice, which is the parent company of the Australian Centre for Law and Justice, have missions of improving social justice within society through the provision of high-quality legal education and legal advice respectively. The Australian College of Law and Justice aims to equip the next generation of legal professionals with a top quality, socially inclusive and cutting-edge legal education to empower citizens with: • A world leading legal education • A thorough knowledge of Australian and international law • A thought provoking and stimulating curriculum • Professional accreditation in law leading to the ability to practise law to contribute their highly sought after skills to society at large • Practical legal experience to launch their legal careers • A cutting edge online learning experience that can be flexibility combined with a range of personal and professional commitments. The Australian Centre of Law and Justice is a not for profit legal centre operating under the management of the Australian College for Law and Justice to expand its mission in reaching vulnerable communities with high quality legal advice. Both the College and Centre are in their early phases of development, and these roles represent exciting opportunities to be involved in their establishment until the first student intake anticipated in 2022. Key General Selection Criteria To apply for this role you should address the Essential and (if applicable) Desirable requirements outlined above as well as the general selection criteria being: • Previous experience sitting on company boards • Industry experience in all or many of the following: (i) Strategic Planning and Implementation (ii) Business Development and Planning (iii) Innovation and Sustainability (iv) Risk Management (v) Continuous Improvement (vi) Networking within Business and Government Circles (vii) Sales, Marketing, Promotion and Public Relations (viii) Financial and Analytical Skills • A commitment to: (i) High Quality Tertiary Education (ii) Understanding the Trends and Needs of the Higher Education Sector (iii) Diversity and Inclusion (iv) Social Justice (v) Acting in Good Faith (vi) Acting for a Proper Purpose (vii) Avoiding Conflicts of Interest (viii) Putting in Place Risk Management Policies and Procedures (ix) Respect for the Different Contributions of Individuals • Demonstrated Collaborative Team-Work Skills in Building Consensus • Evidence of Ongoing Professional Development • Attention to Detail and Excellent Management Skills