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Social Mentors Volunteer

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The Social Mentors Volunteer role within the SisterWorks’ Social Mentors Program provides wellbeing support to women asylum seekers, refugees and migrants as they settle into Australia. You do not need to be a qualified social worker to volunteer. This position reports to the Social Mentors Volunteers Coordinator. The Social Mentors Program is person-centred and is focused on building the Sister’s confidence, mental wellbeing and sense of belonging in Australia. As a social mentor, you are positioned to provide a listening ear, empathise with the Sister and give encouragement. This role is not envisaged to perform the functions of trained social workers or counsellors but as an opportunity to practise warm hospitality to newcomers in Australia. An online induction to the Social Mentors Program will be given before engaging with the Sisters, and relevant workshops will be offered in the future. Due to easing COVID-19 restrictions, interaction with the sisters has previously operated on digital platforms. Whilst most interactions will now be face-to-face, some Sisters may prefer online options. Therefore, access to digital technologies and the ability to operate online platforms will be required.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  1. Initiate contact with Sisters approximately once a fortnight at the beginning of the mentorship and adjust frequency later depending on their needs.
  2. The meetup’s purpose is to check on their progress, identify strengths and any barriers they may be facing.
  3. Utilise the SisterWorks’ e-Hub app on the mobile as a tool to help the Sisters.
  4. Refer Sisters to appropriate referral pathways internally within SisterWorks and externally to specialised agencies and organisations.
  5. Use the pro forma case notes provided to update and e-mail Social Mentors Volunteer Coordinator.
  6. Timely reporting of identification of challenges faced by the Sisters to the Social Mentors Volunteers Coordinator, particularly issues that need to be escalated.
  7. A review with the Social Mentors Volunteer Coordinator will also occur on a fortnightly basis initially and extend to 4-6 weekly later. The meeting is an avenue to raise any concerns in general and provide feedback on the Program overall.

Desirable experience and availability:

  1. Have lived in Australia for over 5 years and is familiar with how Australia’s culture, norms and institutions function.
  2. Willingness to work with people from CALD backgrounds.
  3. Flexibility and willingness to communicate with the use of digital technology and e-Hub app.
  4. A commitment of minimum 12 months is desirable.