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A New Beginning!


It is a Bonus if you have a disability, am a family member of a person with a disability or work ( or have worked) in the sector. We are seeking expressions of interest from people with professional skills in at least one of the following: • Finance (Treasurer) – preferably a qualified accountant • Fundraising/Grant writing/Corporate Sponsorship • IT and Web management • Marketing • Charity governance & Policy • Risk Management

RESPONSIBILITIES: • Promote the organisation in the community as opportunities arise. • Participate, promote and support enthusiastically in any organisation fundraising. • Assist with seeking funding and grants, and working towards funding for CEO and Staff. • Contribute to governance and board admin and paperwork, insurance policies, and ensure compliance with legal requirements. • Oversee the Membership database and improvement of membership services. • Follow good governance. • Contribute to strategic planning sessions. • Donate your specific skills to the Charity • Join subcommittees HANDS-ON ROLE: • We are still very small and only have 2 x part time staff and a few volunteers. Occasionally, you may be called on to assist with specific roles and projects in addition to your board and governance role. An enthusiastic ‘roll up your sleeves and hands-on approach to assisting at the operational level will be well received.
• These roles may include things such as: volunteering at fundraisers, events and presentations, researching and drafting content, research, planning and applying for grants and funds and whatever else comes up

REQUIREMENTS: • High level of commitment to the work of the organisation. • Knowledge and skills in board governance. • A time commitment of 15 hours per month (for correspondence, meeting preparation and attendance, any activities arising from the meeting, subcommittee meetings and obligations). • Preparation for and participation in the discussions and the deliberations of the board. • Keeping informed of the organisation’s activities and actively supporting them. • Being aware of and avoiding any real or perceived conflict of interest. • Great communication verbal and written. • Industry knowledge – experience in similar organisations or have lived experience. You need to become an annual paid member of iDareU.