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Help someone in care today - Community Visitor volunteer needed in Clear Island Waters!

Queensland Community Care Network
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You can make a difference...

Many elderly Australians in aged care homes are socially isolated from the community. QCCN is looking for people with big hearts to visit these senior citizens and reconnect them with the community. It only takes an hour a fortnight and all you have to do is be a friend.

Residents enjoy the social visits of our volunteers. You will be matched one-on-one with a resident who has been identified as socially isolated, or at risk of becoming so. Volunteers enjoy a coffee and chat, or perhaps a board game with their new friend, and through ongoing visits create a wonderful new friendship for someone in need.

This male resident in care is 73 years old. He would greatly benefit from one-on-one social interaction from a Community Visitor. His hobbies and interests include singing and playing guitar. His speech is clear and he is able to hold a good conversation. As this resident does have a diagnosis of dementia, it is essential for the Community Visitor volunteer to have experience in communicating with someone with dementia. It would be best if his volunteer visit could visit him after 12.30pm.

We’re a small not for profit aiming to do big things! It’s our goal to try to eliminate the elderly feeling secluded whilst in residential care. To do this, we connect volunteers with theelderly so they can develop long lasting, meaningful friendships. We'd love to have you join our team if this is the kind of role you are looking for within the community!