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Promote Acceptance & Diversity: Help Transform Bystander Behaviour!

Courage to Care Victoria
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Courage to Care creates Upstanders.

Discover how at "An introduction to Courage to Care", a one-hour session to find out if Courage to Care is the right volunteering avenue for you.

NB: Sessions will be be held via Zoom.

We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds and all ages. What we all have in common is a commitment to eradicate racism, prejudice and discrimination in our society, and a passion to empowering others to challenge these unacceptable human traits by working to transform bystander behaviour.

Courage to Care volunteers deliver this message through powerful transformative workshops to school students all over Victoria. Over the last 25 years, our teams have delivered the Upstander message to more than 136,000 students, and demand from teachers and schools grows every year.

Courage to Care was conceived as a wholly volunteer-led and delivered program, and volunteers remain at the heart of everything we do, from program conception, development, training, roll out, delivery, and administration, with only three professional employees to hold it together. As a Courage to Care volunteer, you therefore have the chance to take on a pivotal role in our future - or, if you prefer, to contribute your small part in ensuring this vital program continues to make positive change in our society.

Roles: Program delivery, educational content development, publicity and media liaison, school liaison, equipment and logistics, events; fundraising; web and online presence, program administrative support, training and professional development, volunteer support, office support

Interested in finding out if Courage to Care is the right volunteering avenue for you? "An introduction to Courage to Care" will tell you  WHO we are, WHAT we do, and HOW we do it.