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Community Visitor

Enfield Baptist Church

This program aims to enrich the lives of Aged Care Facility residents who may be socially isolated or lonely.

Volunteers are matched with matched with a resident and visit them on a fortnightly basis. Most visits are 30 minutes - 1 hour dependant on the needs of the resident.

There is not set structure, you can work with your resident to decided what you do each visit. They may want to go for a walk, have a cup of tea and talk, or talk about and listen to music.

Aged care facilities in our catchment are in Enfield, Kiblurn, Prospect, Inglefarm, Lightsview, Gillies Plains, Valley View and Walkerville, in Adelaide South Australia.

We can match you with a resident in a location close to you and with similar (or differing) interests.

Many great friendships have been kindled through the Community Visitors Scheme. Friendships are maintained through letters, phone and video calls when needed.

Long-lasting relationship are built which allows the resident to feel that they have both companionship and purpose. There are times when people may need a little help to stay connected to the wider community. Volunteer visitors bring conversation, news, new interest and friendship. Visitors may also bring a special connection through a shared language, life experience, or cultural understanding.

With changing restrictions on access to aged care facilities. We have resources to keep you connected when physical visiting is not available. This may be through phone calls, video calls or writing letters. We can provide any training required to use new technologies.

To have physical access to Aged Care Facilities records of a recent Flu Vaccination is required for entry. If you are unable to have a flu vaccination you can become a "vitural visitor" building friendships via phone or video calls.