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Grant writers, Crowdfunders, Marketers, Fundraisers

Accelerated Evolution - The Break Inc.

Grant writers - who can source grants (although we can give pointers), read and understand all the guidelines to ensure we are eligible & we don't miss something we need to refer to, write the grant, and take feedback from us in reviewing it before submission

Researchers - people with enough academic background they can read research to find what new ideas are validated properly. Also to do market research to inform our business planning and promotional campaigns

Marketer/crowdfunding - someone who can develop a marketing campaign for various projects ranging from memoir sales, public festivals, to kayaking expeditions and many things in between.

Only people passionate about improving the world through action need apply. Specific skills are highly valued, but we need driven people who can follow through on their commitment to projects with us. Passion is valued above skills, as driven people have been found to find a way to overcome skills shortfalls, whereas unmotived skilled people have struggled to produce outcomes ****