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Communications Officer

Memseek Inc
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Materials: We will supply the word template to be sent. Material needs to be personally addressed. Document needs to be saved as a PDF and then sent by email. No follow up will be required. Access to the Internet and Microsoft Word required.

"Veterans cannot let those who forgot our country’s values write our narrative. We have an opportunity to help write a legacy that maintains trust and our position in our rich military history. Positive stories far outnumber those soon to be revealed by Brereton. We ask that you give us an opportunity to tell these stories – to show we did, or tried to do, something worthwhile in a manner that can make us all proud. The place in society of a generation of veterans relies on it.”

Comment John Bale former Australian Army officer who served in Afghanistan. co-founder and managing director of Fortem Australia and founder of Soldier On.

Visit our Website (Projects Name) to understand what we are trying to do because if we do not succeed 8,000,000 voices will remain silent and all we will remember are the voices of those who forgot our country’s values. Because without your help we will fail to remember them.

All volunteers help will be acknowledged on the MeMSeek Website.