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Volunteer Legal Manager

FoxG1 foundation Australia
Logo for FoxG1 foundation Australia

**Who we are **

FOXG1 Foundation Australia is a charity dedicated to raising awareness of FOXG1 and trying to find a cure for FOXG1. By studying FOXG1, we can also understand to prevent or cure diseases such as autism, Alzheimer's, epilepsy, and schizophrenia.

**Benefits for Volunteers **

  • We provide references for all our volunteers. (Note – You need to volunteer for at least 4 months.)
  • You will receive a volunteer certificate
  • We provide mentorship and training for people who want a job or looking for a job
  • We also provide people the skills to be competitive in the workforce
  • The work the volunteer has done can be used as a portfolio piece

Volunteer Description

  • Provide legal assistance to our charity
  • Undertake any paralegal task such as organising submissions and applications
  • Perform legal research on issue
  • Collaborate with other departments regarding reporting, annual reports, and general meetings
  • Able to draft contracts
  • Assist in the implementation of legal systems such as contract management systems
  • Review and analyse the policies from a legal stand point and provide recommendations throughout the policies provided.
  • Provide some insights on how to prepare the legal counsel throughout the foundation.