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President of Street Growth Incorporated (volunteer)

Street Growth Incorporated
Logo for Street Growth Incorporated

As a leader, the President will be a highly visible and effective link between the Advisory Board, volunteers, PEHD, Government Agencies and Ministers, Key Donors, Stakeholder Groups and the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). The President will lead a motivated committee to operationalise the Advisory Board approved strategy, and champion the needs of PEHD at a local and state level.


  • To ensure Street Growth Incorporated remains true to its intended charitable purposes - to alleviate the suffering of individuals experiencing homelessness and disadvantage

  • To ensure Street Growth Incorporated meets its regulatory requirements to the Australian Charities and Not-For-profits Commission (ACNC)

  • Ensure Street Growth Incorporated maintains appropriate insurances, licences and approvals, such as Deductible Gift Receipt status, Licence to Fundraise, Public Liability and Indemnity insurance

  • Maintain and abide by Street Growth Incorporated’s constitution, policies and procedures and seek approval from the advisory board when updating key regulatory documents for the organisation

  • To ensure Street Growth Incorporated operates with financial responsibility as a social enterprise

  • Oversee the general management of the affairs of the organisation and its volunteers

  • Preside as Chairperson of all meetings, including the Annual General Meeting, or to appoint an appropriate delegate when unable to attend

  • Act as the official spokesperson for the organisation to the membership and the community at large

  • Support and communicate regularly with committee members; work especially closely with, and acts a Mentor to the Vice President

  • Deal with any issues or problems in a timely fashion

  • Act as signing officer for the organisation

  • To assist committee members to complete tasks, and when applicable, appoint appropriate individuals to complete them on the members’ behalf.

About Street Growth Incorporated

Street Growth was founded in 2011 by 3 friends at University together. A decade later, the charity is thriving and continues to operate weekly from the grounds of St Johns Anglican Church in Darlinghurst. Street Growth was established as a charity to alleviate suffering among individuals experiencing homelessness and disadvantage by addressing an unmet need for greater opportunities to engage in self-fulfilling and meaningful activities. Part of Street Growth’s DNA is a focus on improving mental health issues and wellbeing; community gardening provides a unique platform to meet these needs for several reasons, including: • Participation in gardening-based mental health & wellbeing programs • Increased pro-social social interactions • Increased physical activity • Horticultural education • Improved diet from food crops • Improved financial stability from sale of plants and garden goods • Sense of ownership, improved confidence and self-efficacy from gardening • Improved self-discipline and accountability • Opportunities for leadership and self-determination within the charity

Over its existence, Street Growth’s programs have seen numerous individuals experiencing homelessness and disadvantage take steps towards wellbeing and employment, including saving the lives of several suicidal individuals. Testament to the philosophy of the organisation, community members experiencing homelessness now hold horticulture qualifications and occupy committee positions.