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Logo for Presbyterian Aged Care (Formerly North Ryde Community Aid)

This fabulous escorted service is provided to those who can no longer drive themselves and who need a little help. It also ensures the client still gets to choose their own items and there is someone to assist and ensure the shopping is completed safely.

We will match you with a client on a day and time that suits you and involves picking the client up from their home, taking them to the shops of their choice and assisting them with their shopping. You will help the client, if required, with pushing the trolley, lifting items from shelves and in and out of the trolley, assisting at the checkout, putting the bags in the car and taking the client home again with their purchases.

All shopping is done in the Ryde area - Macquarie Centre, Top Ryde, Marsfield Woolworths, Coxs Road IGA and sometimes other shops close by.

In the instance the shopper is unwell or prefers not to go to the shops, the shopping can be done by list. The volunteer shopping escort will then do the shopping on the client's behalf using their list, delivering it back to them once purchased.

If you are reliable, patient, enjoy grocery shopping yourself and would like to give a helping hand, we would like to hear from you.