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What is YAM ? Youth Aware of Mental Health (YAM) is an evidence-based mental health program for young people aged 14 – 16 years. YAM gets young people involved and talking about mental health through role-play and discussion. YAM is delivered by a trained YAM Instructor with support from a YAM Helper, who provide young people with a safe and non-judgemental space to explore mental health topics such as stress, crisis, depression and knowledge of suicide warning signs and help strategies. YAM does not involve sharing your personal story or experience.

What your role would include:
• being present in the room and helping manage the classroom for the duration of the program, helping to prepare the classroom • assisting with handing out program materials • supervising and/or participating in role plays for program participants • helping the YAM Instructor and school staff connect students with supports if needed • discussing with the YAM Instructor about your experience and providing feedback on the session