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Special Olympics Australia - Volunteers wanted 2021

Special Olympics Australia - National Office
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Special Olympics Australia relies on the time and dedication of thousands of volunteers each year.  Thank you for making a difference for the athletes we serve!  Whether you are a group or an individual, there is an opportunity available to volunteer. Volunteers have an opportunity to assist in a variety of programs at a local, state and national level. Some opportunities require long-term commitments and specific skills.  Other opportunities require limited time commitments and less specific sports skills but are just as important to the overall success of the program.

| | | | | --- | --- | --- | | Administration and Guidance | Membership on boards, councils, committees to plan, coordinate and/or monitor activities to promote the Special Olympics mission. | Minimum year commitment involving regularly scheduled meetings as well as assignments associated with position. | | Public Information & Promotion | Prepare and/or convey information about Special Olympics to various groups through any of several ways including newsletters, publicity and speaking engagements. | Flexible hours ranging from very short and intense (speaking engagements) to several months depending on specific activity (e.g., develop a promotional brochure). | | Fundraising | Plan and/or implement activities to raise financial and in-kind support through presentations, organizing and/or participating in special events. | 3-4 hours at a one-time, single event to a minimum of one year as a committee member. | | Day of Volunteer | Perform short-term tasks associated with conducting major events involving a variety of activities and large number of athletes and guests: officiate sporting events, escort athletes, provide security, assist with meal distribution, equipment set-up general hospitality. | Usually 4-8 hours at the actual event with 3-4 hour orientation prior to activity. |