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Community Planting at Blue Gum Lake


For years, this lakebed has been covered in non-native lawn grasses forming dense mats as much as 1m tall in areas. The invasive weeds have been controlled and cleared, and the lakebed has dried for the year opening up the site for 40,000 native plants to be planted over the month of February. This large undertaking will require as many hands as possible, so any help will be greatly appreciated. This is a quiet time of year for landcare volunteering, so it will be a great opportunity for anyone looking to get involved, help the environment, meet new people, learn about landcare, or get experience for the upcoming busy season.

Activity Days, Friday Feb 26th Friday March 5th Saturday March 6th Friday March 12th Saturday March 13th Friday March 19th

-8am to 1pm on Mondays and Fridays, 8am to 12pm on Saturdays, but can arrive and leave whenever if you check in with the supervisor.