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Choice Mentor Volunteer

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The program volunteers are known as Choice Mentors and the people with disability they assist to make decisions are known as ‘participants’.

Choice Mentors may assist participants with making decisions about their lifestyle, accommodation, health care, and accessing services, but not finances.

The Choice Mentor will provide the participant with support to make and act on their own decisions. The participant will have requested assistance with decision making.

The Choice Mentor may assist the participant by:

  • providing impartial support to review their NDIS support plan, in which the participant has indicated the areas or decisions they want assistance with

  • breaking the decision making process into understandable and achievable steps

  • obtaining information relevant to the decisions being considered by the participant and presenting it in an accessible way

  • explaining and assisting with weighing up relevant information and considerations relating to the decision making process

  • assisting the participant with problem solving issues relating to the decisions being considered by the participant

  • accompanying the participant to initial appointments as necessary to help them identify options to facilitate their decision making.

  • helping the participant connect with self advocacy or other support as appropriate.