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Conversation and Connection Enthusiasts

We are looking for committed Conversation and Connection volunteers to connect with people who are digitally (and socially) isolated. The impact a simple conversation can have on someone's life can be life-changing, especially where many people are feeling even more disconnected than usual.

4 Voices endeavours to respond to the incredible increase in social and digital isolation that we have all faced due to COVID19. There are many unemployed people, many elderly people, and many girls and women who have experienced domestic violence and or homelessness – all these people are in desperate need of connection.

Many Australians are adjusting to the shift towards digital connections – meetings are on-line, medical appointments are on-line, school kids are learning on-line. Unfortunately, there are large numbers of people who can’t make that adjustment quite so readily because of affordability, access and/or capability. We are trying to help these people to connect. We have chats with people – that’s what so many people miss - regular conversations. With others we are trying to help them with their digital skills, teaching them to use video calls, setting up emails, MyGov accounts, help them with online shopping, setting up their resumes, looking for work etc. We also connect people with other services, e.g. Centrelink, food services, housing, healthcare and counseling.

We would love your help if you are a good conversationalist, have a genuine desire to help people in need, and are familiar with (not necessarily an expert in) computers and other technology. We are particularly looking for volunteers who are prepared to commit to a regular shift; as consistency and continuity of service is what we aim to provide to the vulnerable people we help.

We have an outreach service which operates from an off-grid van at various locations in south, central and west Brisbane. Our van is fully equipped with laptops, a printer/copier/scanner, TV and Wi-Fi.

We need three types of volunteers:

  1. General shift volunteers who provide social and digital support to vulnerable people on location. Commitment is 3 hours per week or per fortnight shift at a location with our van.
  2. Team leaders who can take responsibility for driving the van, managing both volunteer and the shift activities, taking the time to understand people’s issues. Commitment is 4 hours per week.
  3. General phone support volunteers who provide a weekly phone check in service for people in need. Commitment is 3 hours per week or per fortnight from home or office, using own phone.

You will need to demonstrate a connection with the cause, good interpersonal and communication skills as well as some technology savvy. Blue cards are required but can be obtained once registered. Experience dealing with vulnerable people is needed for category 3 only.

Please indicate in your application which volunteering opportunities interests you most and why you would be a good fit for 4 Voices.