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The key responsibilities of the Music Web Mentor role are: • To build a respectful, trustworthy relationship with the Music Web Mentee based on a willingness to spend regular time undertaking a specific skills-based activity. Interaction may take place, as agreed between mentors and mentees, face-to-face, over the phone, or via digital communication such as Zoom. • To display appropriate behaviour aimed at supporting the well-being and safety of the mentee at all times • To support the Music Web Mentee to review their plans and actions in relation to their music industry ambitions, provide ideas for solutions to issues that may impact on their music career achievements and identify resources to support the Music Web Mentee to work toward their music industry goals. • Follow all current or future Music Web mentoring program guidelines, including the Music Web Code of Conduct, and understand that any violation will result in suspension and/or termination of the mentoring relationship. • To attend a Music Web mentor induction to ensure mentors are informed on how to support, instruct & empower young people in a non-judgmental manner • Communicate regularly with the Warrnambool City Council Youth Development Planner regarding mentoring activities and receive feedback regarding any difficulties during participation in the program The following things are beyond the scope of the Music Web Mentor role: • Making decisions for the Music Web Mentee • Fulfilling the role of a parent/teacher/professional counsellor/employer • Breaching the Music Web Mentee’s rights of confidentiality* (see Music Web Code of Conduct: Duty of Care) • Going beyond the boundaries of the mentoring relationship as defined in the Music Web Code of Conduct over the duration of the program.