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Amep Tafe Nsw

ADULT MIGRANT ENGLISH PROGRAM (AMEP) The Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) was established in 1948 and was legislated under the Immigration (Education) Act 1971. The AMEP is funded by the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs. It provides English language tuition for eligible new, adult migrants and refugees to help them learn foundation English language and settlement skills. The program supports the development of knowledge and skills that significantly improves the lives of students by providing pathways to greater social participation, employment, further study, and training.

VOLUNTEER TUTOR SCHEME (VTS) The Volunteer Tutor Scheme is a program in which volunteers provide English language tuition and practice for 1-2 hours per week to migrants and refugees who are eligible for the AMEP. The one-to-one lessons can be at the students’ homes or in other suitable locations such as libraries. TAFE NSW recruits, trains, and matches tutors to students.

Training to be an AMEP Volunteer Tutor Volunteer Tutors will be trained using an online resource A Course in Volunteer English Language Tutoring. The training course is designed to be the equivalent of a minimum of 15 hours face to face. The course is divided into 3 sections: Being a Volunteer Tutor, Language Skills, and Your Student. There are tasks to develop tutors’ cross-cultural awareness. Quizzes are also included in each component with answers provided to help you review what is covered. Course content also guides tutors in assisting students with their settlement needs.

VOLUNTEER TUTOR SESSIONS AMEP students are entitled to 1 hour per week of Volunteer Tutor Scheme support as part of their AMEP entitlement. Students on refugee visas can have up to 2 hours per week of Volunteer Tutor Scheme support as part of their Settlement Preparatory Plan (SPP) hours. Volunteer Tutors will be advised whether their student is an AMEP or SPP student. All session times are negotiated between the Volunteer Tutor and the student.

ONGOING TRAINING AND SUPPORT The Volunteer Tutor Scheme Coordinator will support volunteer tutors through regular communication, online tutor workshops, and providing training updates. Tutors will also be encouraged to communicate with AMEP teachers if their student is receiving either face-to-face classroom or distance learning tuition.

BENEFITS OF BEING A VOLUNTEER TUTOR People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. For some people, it gives them the opportunity to give something back to the community or to make a difference to the people in their community. For others, volunteering provides an opportunity to develop new skills or enhance their existing knowledge and experience. When you choose to become a volunteer you will be: • Making a positive and personal contribution to the community • Gaining rewarding cross-cultural experiences and skills in tutoring • Joining a community group of Volunteer Tutors to communicate with and share experiences • Interacting socially with new people • Attending social functions for Volunteer Tutors

We look forward to welcoming you to our team!