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Photographer/Videographer - Rozelle and various locations - # 160212

Gunawirra Limited
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Gunawirra holds regular webinars, workshops and educational Cultural workshops and cultural outings with our mums and bubs group and we would like to capture the magic in a way that it deserves.

There is always rich and exciting content to share to help grow Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural knowledge, education and for promoting the great work that happens at Gunawirra.

If you can bring the technology and skills- we can deliver an opportunity for you to become part of the amazing experience.

To proceed with your application, please provide samples of your work and details of your qualifications to the organisation contact whose email will be provided by return email when applying for this role online.

All staff and team members working at Gunawirra have completed the government Infection Control Training - COVID 19 and have the relevant certifications. Government recommended Covid-19 protocols for all staff and any visitors are always adhered to, with regular disinfecting of all surfaces and high traffic areas and frequent instruction material and amenities for personal hygiene and infection control.

Benefits: You will work with people who are passionate about changing the lives of Aboriginal children, their families and wider community. opportunity to be part of the unique, innovative and transformational programs to empowering young Aboriginal parents with children to break the life cycle of suffering caused by loss of country, community, culture and family.

The organisation is made upof Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal professionals working side by side for fundamental improvements in the life of Aboriginal families, their infants and children. Working with us provides the opportunity to meet people and experts in the field of psychiatry, psychology, social work, etc. working to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.