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Ambassador Relationships

The United Project
  • Defines the objectives we want to achieve for each Ambassador
  • Works with the Head of Marketing Planning to ensure that our marketing plans and campaigns are coordinated with Ambassador activities so that our Ambassadors are being used effectively and efficiently, driving the right consumer awareness and engagement with The United Project
  • Ensures that our Ambassadors are both informed and comfortable with The United Project purpose and subject matters
  • Defines a personalised activity plan for each Ambassador based on the Ambassador’s brand, connection with mental illness
  • Ensures that each Ambassador’s activity plan is delivered
  • Works with our PR/Media representatives to coordinate media opportunities for The United Projects.
  • Facilitates discussions with the Ambassador’s management/PR team (if relevant)
  • Works with the content team (creative directors, design, and content) to prepare material for Ambassadors to post
  • Ensures that the Ambassadors actively support and reference The United Project on social media and in the media, whenever possible
  • Ensures that our Ambassadors are kept informed about how The United Project is going, and that they feel part of the team
  • Encouraging potential new Ambassadors to join The United Project.