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Mini League Convenor

South Adelaide Football Club
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The South Adelaide Football Club has a vacancy of Volunteer Mini League Convenor.

Essentially, the role is to coordinate a half time game with children from the SFL and the local school footy comp at each South Adelaide home game. There is also an honorarium given at the end of the season to thank you for your time and efforts.

Detailed outline:

  • Ensure all equipment, including uniforms, are stored safely and prepared for all games – including washing of uniforms
  • Assist SANFL Game Development Officer with the planning and booking of clubs/teams to participate
  • Ensure umpires are appointed for each mini-league match and are given appropriate details needed
  • Meet participating teams, officials and parents at designated time and place
  • Distribute tickets to all and escort to designated seating inside stadium
  • Ensure change rooms are prepared and suitable for participants – and place all necessary equipment inside rooms
  • Collect participants and officials from seating at quarter time and direct to change rooms to prepare for match
  • At half-time of league match, ensure teams enter field of play safely and that the mini-league match commences as quick and safely as possible
  • After mini-league match, direct players to form guard of honour, and ensure all mini-league equipment is removed from field
  • Once league teams have re-entered field, direct mini-league players and officials back to change rooms
  • Collect all mini-league uniforms back from participants and distribute their sponsor giveaways to them
  • Direct all back to their designated seating and ensure equipment is stored appropriately in change rooms