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Treasurer - In House and Virtual - Sunshine Coast/Brisbane applications only.

Buddies Refugee Support Group Ltd
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Being an incorporated organisation, there are a number of important duties:

  1. Keeping the Accounts The treasurer must account for every dollar that comes in or out, and ensure the figures balance with those of the bank statement. The treasurer needs to be aware of how much money Buddies has available to work with when all debts are paid. A simple accrual schedule ensures sufficient funds to meet known future expenses.

  2. Systems management The treasurer must ensure that easily understood systems are maintained for all financial transactions, that people know what these systems are.

  3. Planning The Directors will draw up a strategic plan setting out objectives and activities and the treasurer will inform Directors of the associated costs to determine if the objectives are feasible.

  4. Budgeting The treasurer will provide estimates of expenditure and income for the financial year. Income and expenditure must be closely monitored, and Directors informed of how the reality is following the plan.

  5. Reporting The treasurer will attend Directors’ meetings to report progress to date, signal any problems and discuss the financial viability of projects.

  6. Fundraising The treasure needs to be aware of activities undertaken so as to be able to monitor, record and flag any problems requiring Directors’ attention and action.

  7. Monitoring risk The treasurer will ensure Buddies required insurance is fully paid and meets current requirements.

  8. Banking Banking is a very simple matter as almost all transactions use bank transfer. Arrangements for reimbursement of petty cash claims are in place.