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SECRETARY for "Stroke a Chord Choir"

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SECRETARY – “STROKE A CHORD” CHOIR Do you have experience as a committee secretary? Would you like to share your skills to ensure the future success of the Stroke A Chord choir? Established in 2010, the choir gives voice to an extraordinary group of people who have aphasia (loss of speech resultant from a stroke) but can still sing. Information about the choir can be viewed at The Secretary is a member of the Management Committee. The role of the Secretary is to ensure that communications within the committee, the choir and stakeholder organisations are delivered in an appropriate and timely manner. Responsibilities include:- • To ensure appropriate communications with outside organisations when necessary • To minute meetings and circulate to all committee members • To follow up on agreed action from previous meetings • To ensure relevant information is given to choir members • To attend Management Committee meetings on a bi-monthly basis • To prepare send out agendas prior to committee meetings in good time • To receive agenda items from other committee members • Carry out agreed actions set by the committee • Other duties as necessary