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Responsibility: The Secretary reports to the Management Committee and is responsible for undertaking the general secretarial functions of the HPI organisation.


The Secretary is primarily responsible for managing the non-financial records of HPI as follows:

Management Committee Meetings

  • call and convene Management Committee meetings.
  • arrange the meeting venue and prepare the agenda.
  • coordinate any correspondence or reports to be presented at meetings.
  • take the minutes of meetings and circulate to Committee members with a copy to the auditor.
  • complete any secretarial actions arising from meetings including any correspondence required.
  • receive and respond to all mail and enquiries via email or through the website and bring urgent matters to the attention of the President or Treasurer if necessary.

AGM and Special Meetings

  • call and convene the AGM and special general meetings.
  • arrange the meeting venue if required.
  • prepare and distribute the Notice of Meeting with agendas, voting papers and nomination forms.
  • receive nominations for election of the management committee prior to or at the AGM.
  • coordinate any correspondence or reports to be presented at these meetings.
  • circulate the minutes of these meetings to members with a copy to the auditor.
  • complete any actions arising from these meetings that require correspondence.
  • sign the Annual return to the Qld. Dept. of Fair Trading as prepared by the Treasurer.

Members’ Register and Members Management

o The Secretary, in accordance with the Section 69A of the Act (see above), has primary responsibility for management of HPI membership and for maintaining the Members’ Register including the following:

  • Responding to enquiries for HPI membership by distributing the Membership Application form.
  • Bringing Membership Applications to the attention of the Management Committee for consideration at its meetings.
  • Advising membership applicants of the decision of the Management Committee and, if approved, formally welcome new members.
  • Entering new members details in the Members’ Register and keeping contact details up to date.
  • Removing from the Members’ Register the names and details of any members who have resigned or died or whose membership has been terminated as advised by the Management Committee.
  • Providing copies of the Members’ Register to The President and other Committee members as necessary.
  • Liaising with members through birthday and special event messages.

Also, the Secretary must:

  • Maintain a close co-operative association with Management and HPI Members including advising members of any matters as requested by the Management Committee, and
  • As the initial ‘face’ of the organisation, be fully aware of the on-going operations so that enquiries can be handled accurately and efficiently.