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The East Fremantle Lawn Tennis Club is a non-profit community-oriented Club with a wonderful facility, and a great sense of community amongst the members, visitors, staff and volunteers.

We operate a Crèche, in the Tennis Club clubrooms, using a paid Creche Manager to supervise children while their parents play organised social tennis. Depending on the number and age distribution of the children under our care, additional assistant supervisors are required from time-to-time to ensure appropriate ratios of carers to children is maintained.

The Mums & Bubs Crèche Monday morning project is specifically geared to new mothers (with pre-school children) providing the opportunity to participate in physical activity, break from routine and engage in social connectedness, all while the children are cared for in a safe, enjoyable and affordable environment.

The Crèche Assistant will be expected to generally support the Crèche Supervisor in operation of the creche and supervision of the children under their care, including:

• Arrive ready to work at the scheduled time and be prepared to stay until the crèche is closed and all children have been returned to the care of their parents; • Wear child friendly clothing and accessories; • Ensure the area used for the crèche is clean and fee of hazards prior to children attending by completing the restart checklist provided; • Ensure parents sign in and out, and pass on related documentation to the Club; • Keep all client information confidential; • Maintain vigilance as to the location of all children attending the crèche; • Maintain vigilance as to hazards for all children (e.g. Choking, electrical equipment, falling objects, poisons); • Facilitate age-appropriate activities for the children; • Call the parent if their child is distressed and does not settle within a reasonable time; • Call the parent of the child if a nappy change is required; • Supervise any child bathroom attendance; • Ensure the area is clean and tidy at the conclusion of the crèche session; • Ensure lights are off, the alarm is set, and all doors locked at the conclusion of each session unless other Club members or staff are in attendance and accept responsibility for locking up; • Report any injuries, incidents or property damage to the Club using the forms provided;

The Crèche Assistant will not be expected to: • Perform nappy changes; • Prepare food for the children.