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Entertainment Volunteer - Piano Player Nambour

Sundale Ltd

Music has the power to stimulate feelings of well-being by evoking memories and emotions. You can help play a valuable role in the lives of Sundale's elderly resident's by playing pleasing melodies on the piano.

As an Entertainment Volunteer - Piano Player, you will make an incredible difference to the quality of life of our care recipients. Your piano playing can provide amazing benefits including:

  • lessening of pain and discomfort
  • promote relaxation
  • improved ability to remember recent events
  • positive changes in mood
  • decrease feelings of isolation
  • encourage physical activity
  • open up avenues of communication

As an Entertainment Volunteer - Piano Player you will be provided with a piano to play on at Nambour Garden Village Care Centre, training, an onsite induction, an introduction to Sundale's care recipients and team members, regular contact with the volunteer coordinator, invitations to volunteer appreciation and social events, friendship, heartfelt thanks and the warmth of knowing your music is making a difference.