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Membership (HR) Coordinator | SOWFI | Volunteer position

Save Our Wildlife Foundation Inc
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  1. Undertake membership recruitment, attraction and selection activities
  2. Undertake membership promotion, retention and renewal activities of the Association;
  3. Implement, in conjunction with the Membership sub-committee, the procedures for assessment of all applicants for membership, and make recommendations to the Committee;
  4. Research, assess, undertake feasibility studies into, and report to the Committee on, trends in benefits offered by other member organizations to their members;
  5. Define the member benefits offered by the Association from time to time; Develop, and oversee conduct of, member surveys undertaken to ensure that the member benefits offered by the Association remain relevant;
  6. Develop and refine marketing materials that promote the member benefits offered by the Association;
  7. Develop efficient processes for the attraction, induction, retention and exit of Members;
  8. Undertake member induction procedures and ensure that each new Member receives a membership certificate and that the name of each new Member (who provides consent) is published in an appropriate publication of the Association;
  9. Present membership reports to the Membership Officer;
  10. Represent SOWFI to membership and in the general community

Skills & Experiences:

  1. HR qualification
  2. Values orientation
  3. Availability of 5 hours per week
  4. Committed to supporting and preserving Wildlife and the Environment