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We are looking to find a programmer who can create software which can assess weather data, and from this select suitable outdoor sites for our aqdventure therapy activities. The software will retain many pertinent details of sites we can easily filter to identify which site is suitable based also on the cohort we are servicing.

We need a compentent programmer who can work quickly. They must be able to take direction from our IT manager and outdoor therapy guides to ensure it meets their needs.

We have been running for 3 years specialising in helping the most overlooked people in society to be again included and contributing to the greater good. We are a stigma-free service who gladly assist anyone to be a better person. We have a philosohpy of leaving no one behind. Wherever we can garner the support of volunteers and finances we provide help to anyone in need. We peaked at 55 volunteers and 14 projects, but are rebuilding post covid to now 40 volunteers and 12 client projects (and several IT projects). Hence we work right across the lifecycle to an eclectic demographic (eg writing the memoirs of exceptional elderly people, children in judo, to addiction recovery kayaking tours, and more).

Your support will allow us to streamline our processes and reduce stress on the core volunteers who have adventure therapy skills. This in turn will reduce out staff turnover.

We are a flat structure organisation who respect the wisdom of skilled volunteers and are very happy to write stellar references for those who do good work.