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Graphic designers, artists, musicians and creative thinkers/organizers

First Responder Community
Logo for First Responder Community

The FRC requires enthusiastic volunteers to assist in the ongoing development and growth of our creative teams, to build marketable and saleable items and events for our fundraising initiatives.

**Duties or skills may include: **

  1. Assist in developing gift line products, publication covers, branding and layout graphics, cartoons and media backdrops and overlays
  2. Assist in developing and managing music compilations and events for fund raising
  3. Creative sound and video editing
  4. Artistic and imaginative designers for the Fundraising environment
  5. Ability to work with others, maintain deadlines and potentially take on leadership roles.
  6. work with a variety of digital design platforms.

Benefits include: • networking opportunities for job seekers • a forum to expand and express your artistic skills in a commercial environment • work with other creators to build commercial cohorts for First Responders • broaden your horizons in the Civil Defence environment • be a great support to the people who help others.