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Dog foster carers are required to provide short term care for rescue dogs whilst they receive the vet care they require for their adoption. A private home based foster care model allows a dog to settle into a home and ensures a better understanding of the the dog than if in a kennel. Dogs come into BARRC's care from community members in need, the shire pounds, RSPCA and vets. The information available about the dog is sometimes limited when they come into our care. Foster dogs are matched to their foster homes, taking into account the people and other animals in the home, time way from home and the skills of the carer. Foster carers are expected to care for their foster dogs as they would their own, provide basic training, feed, walk, play and generally understand the dog. This allows the dog to be advertised for adoption and the perfect home matched. The foster carer plays a big part in ensuring the committee understand the dog to match the applicant. The foster carer is involved in the adoption process and will meet with potential adopters to ensure they match the needs of the dog. Along the way support is provided by committee members, other foster carers and a closed Facebook page where stories and pictures are shared and a lovely network has been built