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National Grasstops Communications Coordinator

Citizens' Climate Lobby Australia
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Who is Citizens’ Climate Lobby Australia:

Citizens' Climate Lobby Australia (CCLA) is a grassroots education and advocacy, non-profit organisation focused on accelerating solutions to climate change through democracy.

As a non-partisan and volunteer-driven, we have local Chapters across the country that write to, meet and talk with politicians, citizens, community leaders, business leaders and media from across the political spectrum.

We work towards the adoption of fair, effective, and sustainable solutions that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as drive the transition towards a clean energy future for Australia.

Our vision is to inspire Australia to be a leader in a global race addressing climate change for a liveable world.

Dr. James Hansen, NASA Climate Scientist (1967 – 2013) and Advisor to the White House (1988 – 2007) said: “Most impressive is the work of the Citizens' Climate Lobby, [a relatively new], fast growing, non-partisan, non-profit group. If you want to join the fight to save the planet, to save creation for your grandchildren, there is no more effective step you could take than becoming an active member of this group.”

Who is the National Grasstops Action Team:

The National Grasstops Action Team oversees the Grasstops Engagement program in Citizens' Climate Lobby Australia—which involves educating, building partnerships with, and gaining the support of community leaders, businesses, local governments, and non-governmental organisations that Chapters can deliver to their parliamentarians.

The National Grasstops Communications Coordinator will be responsible for:

  • Overseeing internal and external communications to advance CCLA’s Grasstops Engagement function.
  • Leading the National Grasstops Communications Team, and supervising a limited number of volunteers as required.
  • Partnering with the Supporter Engagement function to recruit, train, and retain volunteer team members.
  • Contributing to CCLA’s overall Grasstops strategy of engaging with business and community leaders to generate political will for the Australian Climate Dividend and other such climate solutions.
  • Developing and implementing communication strategies, and staying up to date with CCLA and National Grasstops Team activities.
  • Managing and reporting on team performance.
  • Provide editorial skills and proofread materials before final approval or publishing.
  • Monitoring the latest news and developments.
  • Ensuring proper use of various tools and systems.
  • Liaising with other key CCLA functions, including the National Fundraising & Marketing Team Leader, and National Media Team Leader.
  • Providing general support and performing other related tasks as required, contributing to the success of CCLA.

To succeed in this role, you should have:

  • Desire to be part of an organisation focused on climate change solutions.
  • Positive, “can do” attitude with a willingness to work within a team of passionate volunteers.
  • Passion about working collaboratively and communicating effectively with community leaders, businesses, local governments, and non-governmental organisations.
  • Openness to learning and trying new things.
  • Organised and methodical approach.
  • Accountable and consistent approach in making, tracking, and meeting appropriate commitments, at a steady pace.
  • Ability to troubleshoot on the fly and strive for excellence.
  • Willingness to become familiar and conversant with CCLA’s resources, training, and tools, relevant to this role.

Bonus points for:

  • Experience working with business, non-governmental organisations, or local council.
  • Experience in marketing, communications, or journalism.
  • Experience in climate campaigning or advocacy.
  • Experience supervising people and managing teams.

Further remarks:

  • If even a couple of these criteria speak to you, you could be the perfect person for the role. Formal education, qualifications and extensive experience matter less to us than excellence, initiative, and drive.
  • We encourage applicants from a diversity of genders, cultures, languages, abilities, and experiences.
  • Applications will be processed on an ongoing basis. Please apply ASAP to avoid missing out.


Anywhere in Australia.

Training provided:

Citizens' Climate Lobby Australia is an educational and advocacy organisation. We train, educate and provide the tools for our volunteers to become effective advocates for climate action.

Time required

Whilst this role is flexible, we are looking for volunteers who can commit beyond 6 months and preferably a reasonable amount of time to dedicate (at least 5 hours/week). We're an effective and ambitious organisation, and we're confident you'll be able to make a difference with us.