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Cat or Kitten Foster Carer (Sibling Pairs)

Alley Katz Australia Org.
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Foster caring the cats or kittens as pairs is a new initiative of Alley Katz Australia Org. requested by our rescuers who have identified sibling social bonding to be conducive to well-being.

This role requires a foster care agreement to be struck between the carer and Alley Katz Australia Org. (Katzbell) and the period of foster care will normally consist of a fixed period and a flexible period subject to agreement. The pairs are advertised as "available soon" or "available now" for adoption through the Pet Rescue Website.

The cat's veterinary expenses are covered by Alley Katz Australia Org., whilst the cost of daily feeding and accommodation, including litter is covered by the foster carer. An indicative cost for daily feeding and litter is about $3.50 to 4.50/day/cat.