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Sinhalese speaking female volunteer to visit elderly lady in Delahey

MiCare Ltd
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Share your language (Sinhalese) and companionship during weekly or fortnightly friendly visits to an isolated elderly Sri Lankan lady living in Delahey.

A female volunteer familiar with Sri Lankan culture who speaks Sinhalese is requested for this role.

Visits may be spent talking or sharing in a simple leisure activity together, reading Sri Lankan books or newspapers to her. Your regular visits can make a real and positive difference in the life of this resident - reducing social isolation and improving well-being.

We ask volunteers to commit to fortnightly visits for at least 12 months, however this is an ongoing role & we hope to support your friendship for as long as possible.

Volunteers receive training, orientation, ongoing support, travel reimbursement and quarterly invitations to meetings together with other visiting volunteers.

Please include reasons for volunteering in your application.